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Lab members

Principal Investigator

Manuel Sánchez Malmierca

Current post-docs

                                    David Pérez-González

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Catalina Valdez Baizabal

BSc in Biological Pharmaceutical Chemestry, Universidad Veracruzana. Mexico.        

MSc in Physiology, University of Puebla. Mexico.

PhD in Physiology, University of Puebla. Mexico.

During my graduate project I studied the efferent neuropharmacology in the cochlea. Now, I will address the anatomical and physiological relevance of stimulus-specific adaptation.

Current PhD students


Javier Nieto

BSc Computer Engineering, University of Salamanca, Spain.
MSc in Neuroscience, University of Salamanca, Spain.

My PhD research studies SSA and novelty detection in the rat auditory cortex, from a combined anatomical and physiological strandpoint. As main tools I use single unit electrophysiological recordings, histological methods and microiontophoresis, and I also write some of the software for stimuli delivery and data analysis.

Gloria Gutiérrez-Parras

BSc in Psycology, University of Seville. Spain.

MSc in Neuropsychology, University of Seville. Spain.

MSc in Neuroscience and Behavioural Biology, University of Pablo de Olavide, Spain.

Guillermo Varela Carbajal

Guillermo Varela Carbajal

BSc in Psycology, University of Salamanca, España.

MSc in Neuroscience, University of Salamanca, Spain.

Former members

Xin CV

Xin Wang

Visiting Scholar at ANL.

Current Position: Associate Professor at College of Life Sciences, Central China Normal University.

Flora Antunes

PhD Student at ANL.

Current position: Auditory Research Group, University of Pittsburgh.

Daniel Duque

PhD Student at ANL.

Current position: Institute for Systems Research, University of Maryland.

Blanca Niño

PhD Student at ANL.


Rui Pais

MSc Student at ANL.

Current position: Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience. University of Lethbridge.

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