Auditory Neurophysiology Lab


My research is in the field of auditory neuroscience and the specific goal of our lab is to understand how information about sound is processed by the brain. Current work in the lab focuses on the brain processes that mediate adaptation to repetitive sounds as well as on the coding of auditory patterns and events.

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Contact information

Institute for Neuroscience of Castilla y León (INCyL)
Department of Cell Biology and Pathology. Faculty of Medicine University of Salamanca (USAL)
Principal Investigator: Dr. Manuel Sánchez Malmierca
Address: C/ Pintor Fernando Gallego, 1 - 37007, Salamanca
Phone: +34 923 29 45 00 ext 5333
Fax: +34 923 29 47 50

UCONN Neuroscience in Spain Faculty (UCONN)
Manuel Sánchez Malmierca, Program Co-Director
INCyL, University of Salamanca